QIAGEN to acquire minority stake in Alacris Theranostics

March 21, 2016

QIAGEN is currently active in more than 20 projects to develop companion diagnostics with a broad range of major pharmaceutical companies based upon molecular biomarkers. QIAGEN is also active in many collaborations for the discovery and validation of biomarkers for the development of future diagnostics and therapeutics, which have been greatly enhanced by the acquisition of SABiosciences( qiagen/about/pressreleases/pressreleaseview.aspx?PressReleaseI>

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Biomarkers are molecules such as nucleic acids or proteins that are indicative for particular cell processes, biochemical metabolic pathways or receptors on the cell surface. Providing descriptions for individual patient profiles as well as for emergence and progress of diseases, biomarkers play an increasingly important role in diagnostics and the development of new pharmaceutical agents. Experts estimate (globalbusinessinsights/content/rbdd0009m.pdf ) the overall market volume for biomarkers will be approximately $21 billion by 2012.

The genome-based approach opens new perspectives for personalized cancer treatments as it enables the reliable assessment of treatment outcomes with various combinations of drugs by not only detecting mutations in individual genes but by analyzing the entire mutation spectrum of all genes involved in the disease.

Initial tests of this method collaboratively conducted under the international research project Treat 1000 ( treat1000.alacrispharma/ ) have generated promising results. The continuous decline in sequencing costs for marker discovery and the wider dissemination of PCR-based assay technologies on one hand, and rising healthcare expenditures on the other hand, are additional factors that prompted Alacris to develop and commercialize this approach.

Terms of the agreement

QIAGEN will acquire a minority stake in Alacris Theranostics GmbH, and an exclusive option for access to all biomarkers that are discovered. Alacris will participate in commercialization of these biomarkers through royalty fees. Financial details of the agreement, which is subject to closing requirements as approval of Alacris' shareholders, were not disclosed.