Pathway Genomics Genetic Health Report helps make more informed health and lifestyle decisions

January 05, 2016

What you can learn

Today, Pathway Genomics (www.PATHWAY) is making it easy and affordable for consumers to order a genetic health report and learn about their predisposition for diseases including heart disease, and prescription medication responses including Plavix. With a Pathway Genomics Genetic Health Report, people can also gain information about many other health conditions to make more informed health and lifestyle decisions. Even if you know the full story on your family??s health history, a personal genetic health report can help you assess your propensity to develop disease and recommend proactive steps to enhance your well-being.

Genetic testing and reporting completed by Pathway Genomics is a quick, simple, and convenient process, providing comprehensive, easy-to-read, action-oriented information, along with one-on-one genetic counseling for those who would like additional interpretation of their genetic reports or have questions.

If you??re still asking yourself, ???Am I at risk for heart disease???? visit Pathway Genomics?? blog, DNAction: Your Pathway to Human Genomics (blog.Pathway) to read the full article on heart disease.

SOURCE Pathway Genomics