Microbiologists explain why apples are beneficial for health

December 16, 2015

During the three years of the project, major findings will be publicly announced. In order to guarantee that the project benefits science and the population in general, the main recipient of its findings will be the National Institute for Genomic Medicine.

To supervise the scientific progress of the project a Scientific Advisory Board has been established. It is composed of renowned scientists from around the world with vast experience in the fields of cancer, diabetes, and genomic science.

The Scientific Advisory Board members include (in alphabetical order):

Carlos Bustamante Professor, Department of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine

Thomas Hudson President and Scientific Director of Ontario's Institute for Cancer Research

Gerardo Jim-nez S-nchez Professor of genomic medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Advisor to the OECD's Working Group on Biotechnology and Scientific Director of BioFields

David Nathan Director of the Center of Diabetes and Director of the Center for General Clinical Research, Massachusetts General Hospital

Guillermo Ruiz Palacios Head of the Infection Diseases Department of the Salvador Zurib-n National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, Mexican Secretariat of Health

Xavier Sober-n General Director of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, Mexican Secretariat of Health

Source: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard