In-depth information of the American, European and Japanese pharmaceutical markets

December 01, 2015

In-depth information regarding reimbursement environments and market strategies that are most suitable for a particular market

Overview of parallel trade, including major responses to the threat by all relevant players

Overview of lifecycle management, identifying key factors for successful product placement over time

Examination of Latin American experience in terms of pricing strategies and lessons that can be learned globally

Who should buy this report?

Companies wishing to examine the most current pricing and regulatory environments in major global markets, including different cost-containment strategies used by governments and purse-holders.

Companies interested in understanding the impact and implications of parallel trade, with a view to minimising disadvantages to their products.

Companies interested in understanding the wider opportunities and challenges in the American, Japanese and European markets.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies wishing to identify both the threats to products in these markets as well as the variety of profit maximisation strategies outlined in this report.

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